Shareholders Letter from CEO

Dear Shareholders,

As CEO of Gold Quest Capital Inc. (GQC), I would like to take the opportunity to provide some clarity on GQC’s current progress and answer questions that we have received. To achieve this, I am breaking this letter into sections.

The Strategy:
Gold Quest Capital Incorporated merged with AVVH in order to raise additional capital in the public sector. The objective is to raise enough capital so that we may trigger more lines of credit, provide hard money loans, provide SBA lending, perform our own real estate investment development projects, and establish our own private bank.

As mentioned in past communications, our main partner and origination company that has been in business for over 22 years is Gold Quest Group LLC (GQG). GQG is a market maker in the financial brokerage & loan syndications sector that originates, packages, and prepares residential, commercial, and industrial mortgages to sell to different investors in the various industries. GQG originates hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Gold Quest Capital, Inc. will have the right of first refusal for all commercial & industrial loans that GQG originates. Gold Quest Capital, Inc. is in the process of hiring top quality account representatives, account managers, and account executives to offer our products, not just only to GQG, but to other origination and lending firms such as CBRE Capital, JLL Capital, Meridian, other commercial origination shops across the country.

Gold Quest Capital Inc. will primarily offer hard money loans, this will create steady cash flow quicker & soon, the returns in this industry range anywhere from 8.5%, up to, or even over 90% returns with leverage from banks and lines of credit, always using real estate as collateral securing our capital with 1st liens and up to 70% of the value of the asset or acquisition price, whichever is lower.

Gold Quest Capital Inc. will also be a preferred SBA lender since SBA loans are extremely profitable. Currently, the premiums for the sale of an SBA loan package are anywhere from 13% up to 18%. SBA loans are guaranteed by the real estate, personally guaranteed by the borrower, and also guaranteed & insured by the US government.

Aside from lending, Gold Quest Capital Inc. is a Real Estate developer and investment firm. Through our team’s personal experience, the lending business is extremely profitable but very passive. In order to utilize our time and resources that best meet our shareholders interest, we will buy distressed real estate assets in all sectors and invest in their development. This will allow us to maximize our profits through a diverse investment approach.

We are also in the process of looking for a small bank that we can acquire in the near future. This will allow us to expand and offer more lending options to the market. We will give more detailed information once we have a transaction in process.

Current Status:

Since Gold Quest Capital Inc. is a residential-investment, land, commercial, and industrial 1st lien-mortgage-financial institution; we require substantial amount of capital to trigger our lines of credit so that we may leverage the capital required to fund the loans that are originated by Gold Quest Group, LLC (GQG). At this moment, we are finalizing our friends and family capital raising campaign

In the near future, there will be a ticker symbol change, from AVVH, to GQC (or similar depending on what gets authorized).

Please direct your questions to Mr. Jean Paul Garzon at We are also in the process of choosing an investor relations firm that will handle this important department appropriately.

I want to thank you, our investors and shareholders, for your continued support and for believing in our vision. Above all, I want to thank you for your trust in Gold Quest Capital, Inc. I also want to thank our personnel for their hard work and devotion to the vision.  Their dedication and commitment is helping to make Gold Quest Capital, Inc., a success.


Miguel Sanchez