At GoldQuest Capital, we are committed to positively impacting our tenants, partners, clients, and investors by creating & improving communities and their surrounding areas. GQC is guided by our high core values and experience of more than 20 years in the sector, to achieve precision, success, and profitability in each of the executed projects. GoldQuest Capital will participate in each of the steps from project selection, analysis, due diligence, funding, construction, and management.

GQC look at all types of projects in all dollar amounts, GQC Development & Construction division, mainly focuses on ratios, looking at developments from $1 million up to $500 million.

GQC is always looking for opportunities to expand our footprint in major metropolitan areas in the USA.

Putting Our Money Into Local Projects

We invest and back loans that assist community development

Beautifying the city around us is one of the most important parts of our job. GoldQuest Capital, Inc. is dedicated to bettering the Houston, TX community. We do this by investing in projects to revitalize old hospitals, apartment complexes and unused land. This gives residents the chance to use and enjoy nicer facilities across the city.

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